Once you are familiar with the main concepts that form the core of the Let's STEAM approach, it will be time to put all this knowledge into practice with the help of activity sheets. 

Two sets of activity sheets can be used for training purposes and directly implemented in your classroom:

  • The first series "Programming easily thanks to let's steam activity sheets" introduces you to the programming and use of sensors and programmable boards. Through 15 different projects, you will approach various functions and components of the electronic board (and in particular of the sensors) in order to discover their potential from concrete and specific practices (such as breadboarding, making an LED blink, creating a readable thermometer with the embedded sensor and a basic screen).

  • The second set of activity sheets "Inclusion and equity: resources for students & trainers" allows you to work on turning your technology activity into an inclusive project. This is made possible through a number of reflective activities that can be carried out either on your own using the templates provided, or with the help of your Let's STEAM ambassadors (your local contact is given at the end of this manual), or with your colleagues and/or pupils.

Activity sheets - Programming

You will find in this course a set of 15 activity sheets enabling you to implement concrete coding practices in your classroom lessons. 

Activity sheets - Inclusiveness and equity

This course aims at providing a space for the trainees to reflect on Let's STEAM activities and adapt them to their classroom needs promoting activities inclusion and equity.